A project of Burhani Guards Trust Pakistan

Further Development in the Field of Medical Facilities

We in our efforts to provide more better services, are always planning for further expansion by taking advice of our superior s and medical specialists.

We in our future plans have below programs to implement:

  • Full Time Hospital at First & Ground Floor
  • Diagnostic Centre and Day Care Unit in Basement
  • Ambulance Vehicles

To implement above program we have recently finalized the deal of a shop (1400 Sq. Ft.) and Basement (5000 Sq. Ft.)

We Abeede Syedna (TUS) are always being blessed with kind nazaraat and benedictions of our beloved bawa shafeeq AQA MAULA (TUS) and are always being guided by Qasre Aali Sahebo and Ummal Kiraams.

May we combine all our prayers that Allah Subhanahu bless TULUL UMER to our bawa shafeeq and that may all mumineen, muminaat and their farzando remain happy, prosperous and flourished under the benign saya of AQA MAULA (TUS). [AMEEN]